Tarquin the Honest, bk1 The Hand of Glodd


Tarquin the Honest, Wizard of the Silver Weasel, is a liar, a coward, a charlatan and a cheat. And, according to his diminutive roguish sidekick Lunar Nix, those are his most endearing qualities.

On a perilous quest to recover The Golden Gauntlet for a mysterious patron, Tarquin and his band of unlikely warriors must navigate the terrors of the Sorrow Wood, battle zombies, giants, zombie-giants and an entire evil order of necromancers. Despite never living up to the expectations of his hero father, somehow Tarquin – through his multitude of dubious skills and a deluded perception of his own greatness must defy death to overcome a series of complex challenges. Will Tarquin betray his friends to save his own skin, or will he roll the dice and risk everything? Only the goddess Fortuna knows and she’s not telling.

In this, his first novel for adults, award-winning YA author Gareth Ward, aka The Great Wardini, has delivered a quick-witted, fantastical tale packed with magic, action, and a cast of memorable characters.

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