My Final Thoughts and Wishes


While it is important that you have a Last Will and Testament to ensure your estate goes to your loved ones, My Final Thoughts and Wishes goes further into how you would like some of your affairs to be handled. Before I go these are questions that you might want to know but forgot to ask me.


This book expands on your further requests including how you would like to have your funeral. Often families believe they know what funeral service you would like but may have failed to ask you what are your wishes, what music to play, the kind of flowers, who you would like to do Eulogy and things that you would like to have mentioned. Clothing you would like to be dressed in, Poems , where you would like the service held.


Family History Medical health information, some back history on first job, first love, lesson's learnt along the way...

Where the Will is kept and who is the executor or executors. What final thoughts you may have on the handling of the estate.

Passwords and username for social media accounts, banks, computer log ins, and general information that might be required to disconnect services.

My final thoughts on life, death and my wishes for my loved ones.

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