Color First, Ink Later


Discover a unique approach to creating art on location: start with a loose, colorful watercolor sketch, let that layer dry, then add details in ink. The result? Sketches that are more vibrant, dynamic, and fun! Designer, urban sketcher, and author of The Urban Sketching Handbook: S ketch Now, Think Later , Mike Daikubara is your guide to this exciting method in The Urban Sketching Handbook: Color First, Ink Later : Start with a detailed overview of the process , from optional light pencil sketch to finishing touches Follow along several step-by-step demonstrations that apply the approach to a range of subjects, from still life to figures to architecture Get inspired by an extensive gallery of on-location sketches You'll learn how to let watercolor do the hard work of urban sketching and enjoy the spontaneous effects and delightful surprises you'll see in your artwork. The Urban Sketching Handbooks series offers location artists expert instruction on creative techniques, on-location tips and advice, and an abundance of visual inspiration. These handy references come in a compact, easy-to-carry format--perfect to toss in your backpack or artist's tote. Also available from the Urban Sketching Handbooks series: Understanding Light ; Panoramas and Vertical Vistas ; Drawing Expressive People ; Techniques for Beginners ; Complete Urban Sketching Companion ; Drawing with a Tablet ; 101 Sketching Tips ; Working with Color ; Sketch Now, Think Later ; Understanding Perspective ; People and Motion ; and Architecture and Cityscapes .

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