Why Is That Spider Dancing?


What are arachnids? How do spiders differ from harvestmen, pseudoscorpions, mites and ticks? What makes the arachnid species that are unique to Aotearoa so special? How are webs made? How do they hunt prey, eat and defend themselves? Where do they live? Which are venomous? Which can you find in your house? What makes some arachnids the stuff of nightmares? 


In this fun-filled, fact-rich, and highly illustrated book, award-winning science writer Simon Pollard and Te Papa spider expert Phil Sirvid share the magic, secrets, mysteries and marvels of Aotearoa New Zealand’s abundance of eight-legged beasties, from microscopic mites to spiders as large as your hand. They also profile some of the men and women who have helped build our knowledge in this area.

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