We Were Blackwater


The aftermath of the 2003 Iraq invasion is a story that has yet to be told by those who fought their own war against a brutal insurgency: the private security operators. Risking life and limb, often side by side with the US military but far more exposed, they were never to receive a hero's homecoming. Remaining in the shadows, often with good cause, that would change for ever on 31 March 2004, when a security convoy was ambushed in Fallujah and the charred bodies of four American operators were strung from a road bridge. Those events would ensure notoriety for the company involved: Blackwater.

This is the untold story of those events; of the security industry and their private war; and of Blackwater's war in Iraq - recounted by the man who was there to witness it all, SAS veteran Barrie Rice. His visceral, no-holds-barred account is brought to life in vivid, often shocking, scenes and laced with the dark humour of the moment. This gripping account delivers a compelling slice of reality - the inside story of the private contractor's war.

We Were Blackwater provides a unique, revelatory insight into this high-octane, life-and-death world, where adventurers and wannabes can thrive or die, living out their dreams and their fantasies with fearsome firepower and few, if any, rules.

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