Upcycling With Style


Rather than mimicking interior design trends this book provides both the inspiration and practical information to upcycle tired objects and give them a new lease of life. Give an old couch a revamp, make quirky cushions, revitalise a tired garden corner or embark on a quick kitchen makeover...Upcycling with Style is full of ideas and tips for how to be creative and give your home a shot of style.
Upcycling with Style encourages readers to think creatively. It is packed with projects, tips and practical information as a guide to making your home and garden inviting places without having to splurge on expensive items. Comprehensive step-by-step photographs help as a guide to clever project ideas that will help to create stylish and unique living spaces.

 Sarah Heeringa is an award -winning journalist and editor. She is an enthusiastic upcycler, gardener and homemaker and is currently renovating her historic villa.

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