Untamed Thread, The


 The story of Fleur Wood's journey from corporate world to creative life, woven with doses of ways you can bring more creativity into your life. With beautiful imagery showcasing Fleur's enchanting stitch work and the surrounding landscape, this is a guide that invites you into her rural NZ art studio. Her practice is as untamed as the landscape that inspires her. Chapters include Fleurs backstory, through to inspiration she takes from nature to create her art, to practical chapters showcasing her favourite stitches, advice on threads, needles and fabrics. This book wraps you in a warm blanket of nostalgia and inspires you to travel down your own creative path. Celebrated globally, Fleur's work has been exhibited in New York, Australia and NZ. With an ever growing following of 30,000 connections on socials its evident the creative community love what Fleur has to offer.

SKU: 9780473679767