Hei Taonga /Treasures for the rising Generation


This major book tells the story of four expeditions made by staff of the Dominion Museum between 1919 and 1923, setting them in the context of a series of collaborations between Maori and non-Maori leaders in the wake of the New Zealand Wars, at a time when it was supposed that Maori people were dying out.

Their innovative experiments in health, education, the law, ideas of citizenship, cultural heritage, artistic practice and intellectual inquiry laid the foundations for the Maori Renaissance in the latter part of the twentieth century and the establishment of the Waitangi Tribunal, transforming New Zealand society and cultural life. They were among the first ethnographic expeditions in the world to use cutting-edge technologies including moving film and wax cylinder recordings, and the first to be inspired and actively supported by indigenous leaders.

Richly illustrated with historic images and contemporary work, it is a landmark publication.

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