This is How Your Marriage Ends


One night during his divorce, after one too many vodkas and a phone-in-therapist's advice to 'journal his feelings,' Matthew Fray started a blog. On it, he tried to piece together how his ex-wife went from the college freshman who adored him to the angry woman who thought he was an asshole. It turns out that even though he was a decent guy, he was kind of a shitty husband.

As he shared raw, uncomfortable and darkly humorous stories about the lessons he'd learned from his failed marriage, Matthew started to gain a following. Then he wrote a post titled 'She Divorced Me Because I left the Dishes by the Sink' - it went viral and was read over four million times.

This is How Your Marriage Ends offers immediately actionable advice to help readers identify toxic behaviour patterns in their own lives, and break them out of the cycles of dysfunction that ruin relationships. Good people can be bad partners - this book is how you change that.

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