This Changes Everything


The must-have guide to perimenopause and menopause for every woman: What's happening, what you can do, and what really works.


‘This book covers everything. No snake oil, no sugar-coating and, above all, a celebration of the greatest change a woman will go through after puberty. Wish I’d read it at 30, 40 and 50.'

Robyn Malcolm


In this engaging, easy-to-read book, expert health writer Niki Bezzant shares the latest specialist research and advice along with personal stories from real women to answer the most important questions women have about the hottest of topics.


From bodies to mental health, alcohol to our stressful working lives, fertility to relationships, natural remedies to HRT, she dispels the myths and confusion around menopause - with a healthy side-serve of calling out sexism, snake-oil and bullsh*t along the way - and explains how to get the best help, for you.


This is a must-have guide to menopause and beyond — the symptoms, the solutions and the stuff that really works.


Includes: when menopause happens early — HRT, MHT and other treatments — periods — hot flushes, night sweats and heart palpitations — weight gain and body changes — migraines — mood changes, anxiety and depression — gut issues — sex, libido and relationships — sleep and insomnia — alcohol — exercise, nutrition and healthy eating — menopause in the workplace — and much more.

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