Sunny Nihilist, The


How believing in nothing is the key to a happy life - welcome to Sunny Nihilism.


Nihilism is making a comeback, and for younger generations the idea that existence is meaningless is cause for celebration, not despair.


Written directly for burnt-out Millennials disillusioned with the search for meaning through career success, a beautiful life and a beautiful Instagram account, The Sunny Nihilist explains why achievement has not made us happy. Looking anew at a philosophy usually associated with grumpy pessimists, writer Wendy Syfret examines how meaning pervades our modern experience of work, love, religion and wider society, and asks whether a touch of upbeat nihilism could actually lighten our loads.


Making the case for rejecting the cult of purpose and accepting our un-importance in the universe as a positive reality, The Sunny Nihilist urges us to be cheerful in the face of it - because if nothing matters, we might as well be happy and good to each other.


In an era defined by stress and selfishness, self-care, and obsessive individuality, emptiness can offer absolution.

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