Sled Dog Racing in New Zealand


From the Siberian Husky to all breeds of dog today, this unique book reveals the raw beginnings of the sport in a typical Kiwi DIY way, through to the active, fun and friendly community today.

Part One tells the story of how this community began and grew over the last few decades beautifully illustrated with photos from the past. See the power, strength, energy, drive and pure enjoyment of all breeds of dogs and their mushers portrayed through stunning imagery. Enjoy a visual feast of hundreds of photos documenting the life of dryland and snow racing events from dawn to dusk and all that happens in between.

The Sled Dog Racing community is bursting with friendly, welcoming and passionate people. With race events held from Auckland to Invercargill every winter. A sport still unseen by many, it has maintained a keen following since the early 1980's.

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