Simple Japanese Furniture


Simple Japanese Furniture presents 24 simple and stylish furniture projects for the home based on timeless Japanese designs. Each project is presented with notes on the key design elements of each piece, the tools and techniques needed, and step-by-step instructions for completion. The designs are chosen to illustrate the structure of furniture and key principles in furniture building, and the techniques are well-suited to working with cuts of coniferous trees, especially cedar. Each project is described in a brief overview, with notes on degree of difficulty and an emphasis on key design elements.This is followedby a detailed descriptive sectionwithhelpfulillustrations. Will appeal to woodworkers and hand-tool enthusiasts, the book reflects growing interest in making simple, practical furniture for the home as well as an appreciation of Japanese design. 

Aimed at woodworkers and hand-tool enthusiasts of all levels . Aesthetic likely to appeal to a new generation of woodworkers .

Projects include: Garden chair, high chair, bench, arm chair, stool, coffee table, writing desk, work table, bookcase, shoe case and umbrella stand.

24 attractive and accessible projects based on timeless Japanese designs 600 colour photographs, 200 colour diagrams

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