Royal Ranger #7, Ambush at Sorato


The Rangers set a trap for an old enemy in the latest blockbuster adventure from New York Times bestselling author John Flanagan. Will and his apprentice, Maddie, are in Toscana to help with negotiations between the Toscans and the Arridi. When a scout brings word that their old enemies the Temujai are moving into Toscana, Will and Maddie leap into action, knowing that a Temujai advance is always bad news. To have any kind of chance, Will must convince another former foe, the Genovesans, to contribute crossbowmen to the fight - but the mercenary Genovesans require payment. A trap is set for the Temujai in the valley of Sorato, but can Will and his uneasy new allies make sure the Temujai fall for it?




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