Out Here


A remarkable anthology of queer New Zealand voices.

We became teenagers in the nineties when New Zealand felt a lot less cool about queerness, and gender felt much more rigid. We knew instinctively that hiding was the safest strategy. But how to find your community if you’re hidden?


Aotearoa is a land of extraordinary queer writers, many of whom have contributed to our rich literary history. But you wouldn’t know it. Decades of erasure and homophobia have rendered some of our most powerful writing invisible.


Out Here will change that. This landmark book brings together and celebrates queer New Zealand writers from across the gender and LGBTQIA+ spectrum with a generous selection of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and much much more.


From established names to electrifying newcomers, the cacophony of voices brought together in Out Here sing out loud and proud, ensuring that future generations of queers are afforded the space to tell their stories and be themselves without fear of retribution or harm.

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