Off the Beaten Track


For the club, it’s all about being physically f it, digging deep to reap the rewards, and hunting in a way that’s respectful to the animals and the environment they inhabit — as well as having some adrenaline-pumping adventures and laughs along the way!


The wildly popular TV series The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club showcases the exploits of a close-knit team of intrepid and passionate hunters, who regularly put themselves to the test throughout New Zealand’s spectacular wilderness areas in pursuit of big game.


Join Dave, Dre, Anto, Dan, Tim and Sam on some of their most memorable back-country hunting adventures, shining a light on the trials and tribulations, near misses, close calls, and all the previously unseen material not f it for broadcast captured throughout the show’s production.


Told with equal measures of humour and heart, and punctuated with stunning location photography, Off the Beaten Track is a must-read for both hunters and adventure seekers alike.

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