New School Macrame


Macrame is a fibre medium that has been around for centuries, and yet there are still revolutionary ways to modernise and elevate the knots. In this book, fibre artist Terri Watson shares her new school approach to creating contemporary knotted macrame canvases, using just a few simple knots. Terri has been shaking up fibre traditions for years with her vertical clove hitch knot tapestries, choosing to explore an unprecedented style, and shaping an emergent fibre phenomenon. If you have ever wanted to learn tips and tricks from one of the pioneers of this style, look no further! In this book, Terri candidly shares many of her tried, true, and top secret (shhhh!) knotting techniques: including how to create vertical clove hitch knot fibre art that is as polished on the back as it is on the front; how to finish a piece using her signature streamlined scroll finish; how to incorporate different colours to create beautiful knotted tapestries. By following the step-by-step instructions in this book, you too can learn to design and create your own macrame 'canvas' patterns like a pro! This book features ten projects that Terri will walk you through start to finish, followed by an extensive library of over 100 patterns and designs that you can use to create a wide variety of your own projects - wall art, plant hangers, pot covers, garlands, table mats, and even show-stopping denim jacket panels that will turn your threads into walking works of art. Consider this book a manual that will help you unlock your knotting potential, and create fibre artworks that even your mother-in-law will enjoy. AUTHOR: Terri Watson is a nomadic Canadian fibre artist and Chief Shenanigans Officer at Tie One On Creative, a modern macrame company. She is inspired by mid-century modern design and cheeky humour, and never shies away from a good pun. Terri has lived in Switzerland, Nicaragua and Australia, and currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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