Necessary Angel



AUD $32.99

A dazzling new novel from the award-winning Karl Stead.

Award-winning author C.K. Stead takes us to the heart of contemporary Paris and into a world of books and witty conversation. The Necessary Angel is a story of people grappling with love and fidelity; a story about the importance of books; a commentary on living in complex modern-day Europe; and a page-turning mystery. With a surprising twist at the end, this is a sophisticated novel that shows Stead writing at the height of his powers.

'Stead is a fine writer, intelligent and assured, and The Necessary Angel'sstealthy crescendo will leave the reader gasping.' Philip Womack, The Spectator

'A fictional gem.' David Grylls, The Sunday Times, UK

'Masterfully structured' Zoe Apostolides, Financial Times 

'Stead captures the essence of Paris, its certainties and its contradictions, while simultaneously invoking the power of literature to alter and direct lives.' Richard Hopton, Country & Town House

'... his prose is good, beguilingly good ... It's an entertainment, but in the best sense of the word - clever, rich and playful.' Jane Westaway, The Spinoff 

'For anyone who enjoys literature, it's a delight to find a book that does the same.' Paul Little, North & South 

'Paris suits Stead. There is a joie de vivre to the writing: the zest and juice of the short stories are sustained at novel length, making this his best novel since All Visitors Ashore.' Stephen Stratford, New Zealand Listener
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