Little Book Of Silver Linings, The


Sky Banyes's The Little Book of Silver Linings will help you see beauty in even the messiest moments of life. No matter where you're beginning or where you want to go, start right here, right now.

There is hope and healing hidden in every challenge, no matter how difficult!

Every day isn't 100 percent clear and sunny, but when the inevitable dark clouds come into our lives, we can choose to focus on the glimmers of light peeking through all around us. The Little Book of Silver Linings brings you encouragement through art and words that meet you right where you are--without dismissing all the difficult feelings you may be going through. You need not linger in a dark place when there is shelter just ahead.

- Find space to see possibility in the dark and growth through the rain
- Take first steps toward healing from recent or past traumas
- Discover all the strength you hold inside and the joy waiting for you in the world

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