Letters to You. Words of Support and Inspiration for difficult Times


Beautiful gift package book of letters to provide support, information, encouragement and tips on practical help for anyone suffering low moments.


This book was designed to be read not just once, or in order, letter by letter, but to be used again and again as a tool when you encounter difficult emotions and experiences, to help you feel less alone.


It is based on something that helped Jazz Thornton on her own journey towards mental health. A good friend wrote her a set of letters each in a separate labelled envelope. Every letter was specifically designed to help fight a particular feeling or situation, and Jazz read them all many times.


So, following this model, in this book each chapter is in the form of a letter, and they cover a range of emotions and situations, including the following, and much more-

To read when you are feeling anxious

To read when you are feeling guilty

To read when you are having suicidal thoughts

To read when you are having trouble with food

To read when you have the urge to self-harm

To read when you are struggling to sleep



To read if you are a parent

To read if you have a friend who is struggling

To read if you are afraid to see your doctor for help


Also includes practical tips from a practising psychologist, a list of places to get help, and a toolbox of handy skills to use when in distress.

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