Land Gardeners


“When The Land Gardeners arrived at Wardington Manor, the cutting gardens had lain dormant for over thirty years.  The Arts and Crafts gardens meandering around the  Jacobean manor house had once provided cut flowers for London Society.

This is the story of how these gardeners revived the cutting gardens, growing and gathering glorious blooms for London florists and homes and bringing the manor and gardens alive with their floral circus. Their buckets of blowsy dahlias and silky peonies, long trails of roses and metre-tall tulips evoke an almost other-worldly era of glamour.

This is their story, including their beliefs on growing organically and on soil health - which is central to all of their work.  It is a book to inspire others to create their own cutting gardens, with an introduction to The Land Gardeners’ favourite flowers and expert knowledge on how to grow and what to gather by season. “


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