Know Your New Zealand Insects & Spiders


New Zealand s insects include some of the world s most remarkable, including the giant weta (one of the world s heaviest insects, dating from dinosaur days) and the world s longest weevil.

The most iconic, important and most prominent species and groups feature in Know Your New Zealand Insects & Spiders. Added to the natives are key introduced species, such as the monarch butterfly, and the book also features a selection of noteworthy spiders. This title joins New Holland s hugely successful Know Your _ series, of which the first two titles Birds and Trees have both reprinted twice within less than two years after their release. Written for a family readership and with the novice in mind, the text of Know Your _ titles is light and easy in tone, with simple language, and is accompanied by half- or full-page, full-colour portrait photographs. This book is ideal for anyone interested in identifying the insects and spiders in their neighbourhood or in the wild.


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