Kids Will Be Alright, The


In this fast-changing world how do we, as parents and caregivers, keep on the same page as our teens? The challenges and experiences they face can seem a million miles away from our own adolescence. It can feel overwhelming and hard to keep the communication channels open. At the same time, it's vital that we have the tools to talk openly and confidently with our teens.

The Kids Will Be All Right provides up-to-date, evidence-based information, insights, conversation starters, and resources to help you navigate and untangle hot topics such as friendships and frenemies; bullying; cyber safety; drinking, vaping, and risk-taking behaviour; self-esteem and body image; sexuality; consent and safe relationships; and pornography.

Co-written by Robyn - a nurse and educator who provides education programmes on health and well-being, including body image, cyber safety, sexuality, puberty and respectful relationships throughout schools and communities in New Zealand - and her daughter Molly, who weaves her perspective throughout,

The Kids Will Be All Right is an insightful, accessible and empathetic guide to empowering parents and caregivers to relate and communicate effectively with their teen.

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