Katipo Joe #2 Spycraft


Katipo Joe: Spycraft is the astonishing journey of teenager Joseph St George (codename: Katipo) in Germany during World War II. On his second mission for British Intelligence agency MI5, Joe is sent to infiltrate an elite group of Hitler Youth at Hitler's headquarters in Berchtesgaden. Here Joe learns he must compete with the other young people for the opportunity to star in a Nazi propaganda film. But he soon finds out the competition is about something much more vital than that and the consequences of failure are torture and death.

Joe has been well trained in the art of spycraft and must use his skills to avoid suspicion while he passes on vital information to MI5. He is surprised to find that his undercover contact, working as a cook in the hotel where he is staying, is his own mother.

When a girl he has started to fall in love with discovers his secret he knows he has no choice but to kill her. His situation is made even more precarious by the arrival in Berchtesgaden of a double agent who knows Joe’s true identity. His mother is arrested by the Gestapo and Joe is also implicated as a spy. The only way of avoiding arrest and interrogation is to betray his mother. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save her, Joe rescues her from the clutches of the Gestapo in a thrilling chase and escapes with her over a high mountain trail into Austria.

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