Hickory Dickory Kick


Hickory Dickory Slick, the halfback pulled a trick. He hid the ball behind the maul... HICKORY DICKORY SLICK! What's not to laugh about when watching men of a certain age galumphing around a footy field, ripping their undies, slipping in cow pats and tripping over Granny's knitting? Add in Buck the dog, who insists on joining in the game of chase the ball, and there's chaos. All the action between the black and gold teams is played out to the tune of the well-known nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. Peter Millett's skill as an author who can write rhymes and songs is to the fore in this tale of a rugby game taken to hilarious extremes. And Bob Darroch's jam-packed images expand the story to epic proportions with action on and off the field!

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