Future Interior Designer's Handbook


Budding interior designers are encouraged to unleash their creativity in this book that shows them everything they need to know about the exciting world of interior design. Follow along as Taylor, an interior designer, turns the unfinished attic of her home into a beautiful living space. Learn about a designer's three main drawings-the floor plan, section, and elevation-and how to draw to scale. From planning to completion, this skill-building book teaches children design techniques, basic color theory, how to create a mood board, and the architectural styles that influence interiors today. The techniques are illustrated in color sketches and architectural drawings that will inspire children to experiment with their own designs. With a final chapter on the tradespeople who bring the finished project to life,

The Future Interior Designer's Handbook is the perfect introduction to interior design. While it is ideal for the middle grades, ages 8-12, even adults will find it useful.

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