Everest Mountain Guide


'Everest Mountain Guide' follows the career of Kiwi mountaineer, Guy Cotter, who has been leading guided ascents of Mt Everest from the early 1990's. After the tragic deaths of New Zealanders Gary Ball on Dhaulagiri in 1993 and Rob Hall on Mt Everest in 1996, Guy Cotter rebuilt their company, Adventure Consultants, into a multi-faceted international guiding operation climbing peaks across seven continents. This book is an authentic and riveting behind-the-scenes insight into what actually transpires on the mountain, the huge challenges faced by both guides and climbers, and the life and death dramas that inevitably unfold. Cotter's three-decades tenure on the mountain has seen the transition of Everest from a mountain available only to national teams and highly sponsored climbing groups to the current era, where everyone who has desires on the world's highest peak can join an expedition. Guy Cotter is one of the most respected and experienced Everest guides in the world. His remarkable story will appeal to anyone with a taste for adventure, and who wants to know what a high-stakes life really looks like.

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