Essential Dream Journal, The


Explore the secret world of dreams with this beautifully designed interactive dream journal and interpretation guide. Dreams are the window into your innermost self. Through dreams, you can learn more about your subconscious feelings, increase your self-awareness, access your creativity, and learn how to be guided by your inner wisdom. The strange details and recurring themes in your dreams are all coded messages from your unconscious mind that are meant to help you solve problems.

In The Complete Dream Journal, prompts will guide you through: The types of dreams you're having; The meaning behind the strong images that resonate with you once you're awake; Different common symbols to look out for; How best to recall your dreams and record them; How to prep yourself for bed.

In the first section of the journal, you'll find an introduction to essential themes and symbols and their meanings and interpretations. Those who have recurring dreams, anxiety dreams, or nightmares can explore possible explanations and solutions.

Daily dream recording with this journal will help you find recurring themes that can unlock the inner workings of your mind. Great for first-time dream recorders and seasoned dream explorers alike, this journal helps pave the way for a life filled with peace and self-knowledge.

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