Dawn Chorus


World-renowned artist Ray Ching has created a truly unique celebration of New Zealand’s birds and landscapes in his latest collection of works - Dawn Chorus. Magical, humorous and beautiful, these are New Zealand’s birds as you have never seen them before.


Told in six parts, the story begins with The Arrival, in which the birds of New Zealand scramble to share the news of Aesop’s visit. The second part, The Voyage, outlines Aesop’s background and life before he journeys to New Zealand.


The third part, The Great Bathing, looks at the preparations of the birds as they ready themselves for the concert they plan to give in Aesop’s honour, while The Journeys illustrates some of the voyages the birds had to make to be there.


Then there is The Concert itself, and once the birds have found suitable vantage points from which to watch the proceedings, the stories and songs begin. The final part, The Fables, follows Aesop as he travels the country making notes and writing fables based on the birds and animals he sees.


The exhibition offers the viewer cleverly painted and elaborately constructed illustrations that form the basis of the accompanying book, Dawn Chorus: The Legendary Voyage to New Zealand the Fabled Teller of Fables.

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