Complete Guide to Cross Hatching in Pen & Ink


Learn the unique art of crosshatching and create stunning works of art with expert guidance from August Lamm.

How to Crosshatch in Pen & Ink begins with a potted history of the artform, and elucidates exactly what crosshatching entails, and where it came from. After a helpful exploration of the materials and media that a crosshatcher may need, there then begins a practical guide to the very basics of crosshatching, approaching concepts such as how to look accurately, and how to depict light, shape, and shadow.

Once readers have the essentials under their belt, there are more complicated subjects such as anatomy, portraiture and still lifes to tackle. For each topic, August uses a combination of fine art examples, illustrations and step-by-step tutorials to take the reader through the fascinating and accessible process of crosshatching, from perception to execution.

This is the essential, comprehensive guide to this fascinating artform, and will appeal to complete beginners alongside long-time aficionados of the practice.

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