Bushline, A Memoir


Robbie Burton is a tramper, mountain-lover and book publisher, who has had a life-long infatuation with the wild places of New Zealand. In this memoir he recalls a childhood in which the natural worldplayed a central part, and led to a youthful obsession with tramping, skiing and mountaineering.

In his long career at the helm of Potton & Burton, one of New Zealand's largest independent publishers, he has continued this interest by publishing many significant books about the outdoors and our natural history.

'Bushline' is a blend of reflection about the backcountry and the people who inhabit it, the authors who write about it and the books they have produced, as well as an inside view into independent publishing in Aotearoa. Ultimately, though, it is a book about belonging, and how a life has been shaped by the power and beauty of the New Zealand landscape.

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