Bushcraft Kid


Learn everything you need to know to survive in the great outdoors!

How cool would it be to know how to build a fire, build your own shelter, find your food (and cook it too), and survive almost any environment? Now you can learn all the basic bushcraft skills from expert survivalist Dan Wowak. You'll learn how to build the perfect fire, how to build all types of shelters, how to navigate your way through all types of terrain, how to forage for good, how to identify all types of plants and animals, and how to live the bushcraft way of life. And the best thing of all? You'll have an absolute blast doing it!

Here's what you'll find inside:
- Step-by-step instructions for doing everything in the bush, including fire building, shelter building, navigation, and more
- The basics of essential food finding using skills like trapping, fishing, and foraging
- Cool facts and fun project ideas that will keep you sage and help you become a knowledgeable survival kid
- Outdoor tips and tricks that only the best survival experts know
- Tasty campfire recipes that will keep you satisfied and energized as you navigate the great outdoors

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