Arts & Craft Block Prints Notecards 20


William Seltzer Rice was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Northern California in 1900, when the region’s Arts & Crafts movement was flowering. A talented and prolific watercolorist, Rice became devoted to block printing because the medium was better suited the Arts & Crafts ethos of making artwork available to a wide audience at modest cost. Unlike many printmakers, Rice designed, carved, and printed the blocks all himself. The landscapes of Northern California—from the Sierra Nevada to the Pacific—proved excellent raw materials for his creativity, as evidenced in this inviting notecard assortment. Contains five each of the following notecards: Coast Guard, c. 1927 Moonrise—Eucalyptus Grove, c. 1925 Redwood Monarchs, c. 1925 Hollyhock Garden, c. 1925

SKU: 9780764948763