Anyone Can Crochet Amigurumi Animals


Needing only some simple stitches and a little stuffing, amigurumi is a charming style of crochet that's great for beginners!

Whether you've been crocheting for years or have never picked up a crochet hook before, this accessible, exciting project guide will show any crafter of any skill level everything you need to know to successfully make adorable amigurumi animals! Anyone Can Make Amigurumi Animals features 15 adorable crochet patterns, from Vicky the Unicorn in her stylish skirt to Harry the Hungry Hippo, who has a fondness for burgers.

This crochet project book opens with expert guidance on basic tools and techniques and insightful introductory sections on the basics. Get detailed insight on the background of amigurumi, basic materials, how to read patterns, and other essential tips to know in the preface to the projects.

Each project that follows features clear, easy-to-follow instructions, how-to crochet illustrations, photo step-outs for detail work, and additional insider tips and tricks to make the most of your crochet projects. Also included are stitch guides, a comprehensive glossary, a handy abbreviations sheet, and more.

Create all these too-cute stuffed amigurumi characters:

  • Franklin the Fox
  • Alex the Bunny
  • Spencer the Koala
  • Tempy the Jellyfish
  • Bella the Llama
  • Drake the Giraffe
  • Hermie the Hedgehog
  • Harry the Hungry Hippo
  • Buster the Bee
  • Micah the Monkey
  • Vicky the Unicorn
  • Kayla the Bear
  • Ava the Lamb
  • Cole the Penguin
  • Daisy the Pig



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