Above The Treeline


'Above the Treeline' is an essential publication for anyone interested in the natural world of alpine New Zealand, a guide not only to the plants, but also the ferns, mosses, lichen, invertebrates, birds and lizards that occupy these rich and diverse environments. This book is based on a smaller field guide of the same name, originally published in 2012, and long out of print. This new edition is presented in a much larger, completely revised format, allowing for larger photographs and easier navigation. This is the only serious guide available to the natural history of our alpine world, written by eminent botanist and conservationist Sir Alan Mark, one of this country's long-standing experts on the subject, with contributions by David Galloway, Rod Morris, David Orlovich. Brian Patrick, Janice Lord, John Steel and Mandy Tocher. Illustrated with well over 1200 photographs, and descriptions of more than 850 plant species, this is an important book, a legacy publication that will be treasured by anyone with an interest in the richness of New Zealand's alpine world.

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