Abigail and the Birth of the Sun


A bright and beautiful exploration of a supernova and the birth of our solar system for young children, all wrapped up in a bedtime story


Join Abigail on a magical night-time adventure to discover how the sun, moon and planets came into being.


Abigail is a curious little girl. She likes to discover the answers to really BIG questions.


One night, she thinks of a question that's SO BIG she can't sleep until she knows the answer.


"Daddy," she asks as he tucks her into bed, "where did the sun and all the planets come from?"


To find out the answer, Daddy invites Abigail on a magical journey through time and space. Together they explore the birth of all living things.


By the next morning, Abigail has thought of another big question . . .



A gorgeously illustrated and beautifully told bedtime story that doubles as an introduction to astrophysics, Abigail and the Birth of the Sun will be enjoyed equally by young children and adults.

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