50 Makes for Modern Miniatures


Step into the tiny world of modern miniatures with this collection of tutorials for 50 modern dollhouse furnishing makes. Create your fantasy interior on a tiny scale with these step-by-step instructions for contemporary dollhouse projects including the most exciting contemporary designs for furniture and soft furnishings. There are techniques for 50 projects to create beautiful, modern rooms at the miniature scale of 1:12, which is suitable for dollhouses and room boxes. The projects can be mix and matched to create endless interior variations. Designer and author, Chelsea Andersson, has designed an aspirational collection of furniture for the contemporary home for you to create in miniature. Learn how to make iconic pieces like the kidney shaped coffee table, a mid-century inspired lamp and a classic accent chair to create your own tiny interiors world. The projects are made using a variety of materials including wood, fabric and paper and Chelsea walks you through the steps for each one so you can see how they are constructed and finished. She includes detailed step instructions and photographs for how to get a really polished finished on the projects in order to create the illusion of an actual interior. The projects include different kinds of seating, tables, bed shelving, flooring and wall decoration as well as soft furnishings including wall hangings, rugs and baskets, throws and cushions to bring the space to life. AUTHOR: Chelsea Andersson is a maker, miniaturist, and prop designer based in New York. She spent nearly a decade as a licensed landscape architect, until her love for creating models and miniatures led to a career in building scale replicas. Through her studio ChelseaMakes, she offers custom-made miniature replicas as well as a line of DIY modern dollhouse kits. She made her TV debut on season three of NBC's Making It, a reality competition show hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Chelsea has also been featured in various magazines and has a course about miniatures on the Domestika platform.

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