It's OK not to look for the meaning of life


Zen monk Jikisai Minami takes the things we are supposed to strive for and turns them on their head. The 35 short, thought-provoking essays in this book are divided into four chapters about our sense of self, our hopes and dreams, our personal relationships and how to face death. Each essay begins with a deliberately controversial point of view to help us look at life's problems through fresh eyes.

Each chapter features a number of short, thought-provoking essays providing fresh perspectives on familiar problems that can change your life! The essays include:

  • People Can Live Without Dreams and Hopes
  • You Don't Have to Be 'Who You Want to Be'
  • When Your Head Is Full of Anger, Do Routine Work
  • Do Things for Yourself, Not for Others
  • It's Natural for Life to Be Negative
  • If It's Not a Life or Death Problem, You Can Handle It
  • People Can Be Saved Just by Speaking Their True Feelings
  • Wanting Things Creates Anxiety
  • If You Grieve as Much as You Want To, the Time Will Come When You Can Laugh
  • It's Absurd to Worry About 'The Other World' Rather Than 'This World'
  • A Person with Good Relationships Passes Away Beautifully

Although the author's messages may seem harsh at first, his teachings help us reduce anxiety in our daily lives. Being bound by the belief that 'I have to do X' or 'I need to achieve Y' causes immense stress. The author encourages us to accept our reality and live our lives from that starting point. This, he believes will free us from anxiety, relationship problems and negative emotions.

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