In Aotearoa the number of people who will never have children is growing - and they're pushing back against the narrative that if they don't, their lives will be somehow 'less than'. Otherhood's essays are by writers who've felt on the outside looking in, who've lived unexpected lives and who've given the finger to social expectations. Some chose to be childfree, some didn't get to choose and some - through bereavement or blended family dynamics - ask themselves: Am I a mother or am I other? Thought-provoking, moving and often hilarious, Otherhood opens a more inclusive conversation about what makes a fulfilling life.


Contents: 11 Famous last words 19 More schlongs, more cats STEFF GREEN 25 Mother issues KERRY SUNDERLAND 35 For the love of aiga AMIE TAUA 41 No masturbation allowed LIL O'BRIEN 51 Send her back MELANIE NEWFIELD 59 How to not be a mother FEBY IDRUS 64 Kingfisher HINEMOANA BAKER 73 Shaping space GABRIELLE AMODEO 83 Selfish DONELLE MCKINLEY 88 Why are there so many songs about rainbows? KATE CAMP 99 Gender rebellion: An Iranian birthright GOLRIZ GHAHRAMAN 105 Of wire and cloth GRAINNE PATTERSON 112 The feminist shelf HAZEL PHILLIPS 118 We're your mother now HELEN RICKERBY 127 Stranded on a shore I never wanted to visit IONA WINTER 140 Possible names for myself HENRIETTA BOLLINGER 148 Atmosphere LUCY O'CONNOR 158 Auntie in charge JACKIE CLARK 166 The Addington house LILY DUVAL 172 Blinded ANNA BORRIE 176 I am not on a beach KATHRYN VAN BEEK 189 No car, no kids ANDI C. BUCHANAN 194 Benevolent deadbeat baby-daddy JANIE SMITH 200 The child SHANEEL LAL 205 Departure from the motherland LINDA COLLINS 214 This is a lie LORI LEIGH 220 No kidding LINDA ROONEY 228 Another good year MICHAELA TEMPANY 237 Weaving a life horizontally CAROLIJN GUYTONBECK 242 Trunclehood SAM ORCHARD 245 The happy wanderer RAINA NG 251 Another birth GHAZALEH GOL 257 Synchronicity NICOLA BROWN 267 Auntie PAULA MORRIS 277 My favourite girl JAZIAL CROSSLEY 286 DINKs on a plane ALIE BENGE 292 About the editors 293 About the writers 299 Acknowledgements


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