A Photographic Guide to Rocks and Minerals of New Zealand


The twelfth book in the popular New Holland series examines New Zealand s fascinating geology. Almost every kind of rock found on Earth can be seen in New Zealand and most of the common minerals too.

This handy reference guide will help you recognise and make sense of common (and some rare) rocks and minerals found on beaches and hillsides, in streams and elsewhere around the country. The introduction provides an overview of rocks and minerals, and contains diagrams and illustrations pointing out important details to be observed in the field.

Observation is the key to identifying rocks and minerals: outwardly they can appear very similar but there are special visual clues to be deciphered before accurate identification is assured. With expert descriptions and full colour photographs, this book provides all the information you need to identify the 28 minerals and 53 rocks that are most commonly seen in New Zealand. Some of the more rare home grown rocks and minerals and those with special value to Maori are also included.


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